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or years cosmetologist, beauticians, dermatologist, and everyone suffering from chronic acne have been trying to find that miracle cure that will clean the skin and clear up the acne. There have been countless experiments and scientific studies throughout the years to solve the skin disorder. The latest theory is Likas Papaya Soap.

Acne is a common skin disease characterized by pimples on the face, chest, and back. It occurs when the pores of skin become clogged with all its in sales, and bacteria. This definition provided by Medical-dictionary.Thefreedictionary.com.

Acne Vulgaria, the medical term for acne, is the most common skin disease in the world. It affects millions worldwide. It can even be found in newborns. More than 80% of people develop acne in their life time. Acne can show symptoms at any age it usually arises during puberty and gets worse throughout adolescence.

Acne can be brought on by many different factors such as age, gender, disease, heredity, diet, personal hygiene, hormonal changes, drugs, stress, cosmetics & environment. Treatments are designed to reduce sebum production (skins natural moisturizer produced by the body) and killing bacteria with different drugs. Some drugs are designed to take orally while others should be applied to the affected area.

Likas Papaya soap review

New studies have begun to find a naturally occurring agent that when made into soap and used regularly, reduces or prevents acne altogether. The soap currently being reviewed and tested by many is Likas Papaya Soap.

What are the ingredients os Likas Papaya soap?

Likas Papaya soap, is made from sodium palmate, sodium palm stearate, sodium kernalate, purified water, RBD coconut oil, papaya extract, vitamin C and CI 11920. This is rumored to even out skin tone, as well as clearing up and/or preventing acne. Is also said to lighten the skin pigmentation and dark marks such as freckles, sun spots and acne marks.

Likas Papaya soap is herbal as well as an organic skin product. It was originated in the Philippines, and is the first soap available to use papaya extract as the main whitening ingredient. It is the top-selling whitening soap in the Philippines. It is only recently been introduced to other countries around the world. It’s now available in most countries in Asia and Europe as well as the United States.

 Original Likas Papaya soap

Made from 100% organic herbs, likas papaya soap primarily uses papaya extract for whitening. (papaya extract is the world’s most popular whitening component) The papaya extract is nothing more than a natural enzyme that promotes a more rapid cell renewal as well as a faster turnover of cells, making it very effective in the exfoliation of dead skin cells. The extract also contains certain restoration properties with the skin.

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Likas Papaya Soap 135 gram

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