MS Lumpia Shanghai Mix

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A dish made up of pork or chicken, vegetables, and Mama Sita's Lumpiang Shanghai Mix, and served with a sauce.

Cooking Time: 15 mins

Serves: 11-14

Main Ingredients: Pork

Cooking Style: Fried

Collection: Agahan, Merienda, Salo-salo

Difficulty: Intermediate




  1. In a bowl, combine ingredients for the filling and mix well.
  2. Scoop one tablespoon of the filling onto a spring roll wrapper, about 2 inches from the bottom. Spread mixture evenly into a form of a roll well across the wrapper and roll tightly. Seal the edges with water or egg whites.
  3. Cut into 3 pieces and dip both ends in some flour.
  4. Deep-fry over medium heat until golden brown and drain off excess oil.
  5. Serve with Mama Sita’s Sweet Chili Sauce or Mama Sita’s Sweet and Sour Sauce.

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