Bu Fruit Mix & Beans Halo Halo 340 gr

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This fruit and bean mix is ready for some ice, coconut gel, and a spoon.

Hit the kitchen and open the refrigerator. Bring in your tall glasses and spoons. It's time for a halo-halo party with Buenas Fruit Beans Mix 12oz! Halo-halo is a well-loved summer delicacy in the Philippines. It is a mixture of different fruits of the season and different kinds of sweetened beans together with nata de coco, sweetened palm fruit or kaong, and sago or jellies. When you combine all these ingredients, they look so colorful and taste wonderful. You just have to make sure that you also have crushed ice to go with each tall glass and creamy evaporated milk. Buenas Fruit Beans Mix 12oz has all the ingredients in sweet flavor so no need to add sugar.

Buenas Fruit Beans Mix 12oz will let you experience such cold delights any time of the year with each bottle. So grab one now, call your friends and start your halo-halo party!

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