• If you are a new customer first create an account (right sight above:  click: account maken).You can do it afterwards when you have products on your shopping card. Click afreken (right under) and after this on then new page click: doorgaan by the paragraph "ik ben een nieuwe klant"  There you can also order without an account. Just click afreken by the paragraph "ik wil direct afrekenen"
  • If you have an account you can follow the order status also when you order the next time you don't have to fill the sheet again.
  • If you are an excisting customer: just log in. When you forgot you password no problem, because  you will receive a new by email.
  • Now you can get your products.
  • If you are complete you can get an indication of shipment to make a selection in the left colom "Ïndicatie verzendkosten".
  • For Belgium and Germany select your country and select DPD
  • If you have a discount coupon just fill the code in "Couponcode".
  • Now you will see an indication of the total costs.
  • If you agree go on with clicking "afrekenen".
  • Now you can choose how we will deliver your order. The first 6 options are for customers who live in our region. The 7 th option is sending by post.
  • For Belgium and Germany your order will automatically send by DPD
  • Here you can put also if necessary your comment.
  • When you are finished go to the next step by clicking "doorgaan".
  • Now you can choose how you want to pay: If we send by Post.nl/DPD you have 2 options: ideal or banktransaction. (for Germany Sofort Banken and Belgium Mister Cash)
  • If you pick the order by yourselves you can pay cash, ideal and banktransaction in advance (vooruit betalen per bank), Sofortbanking, Mister Cash  or when we deliver the order by ourselves you can pay cash, banktransaction or ideal in advance.
  • If everthing is done go to the next step by clicking "doorgaan"
  • On this page you see a resume of all data also the total cost. If you do not agree you can change by clicking "wijzig".
  • If you agree you will send an order confirmation to us by clicking "bevestig".
  • If something is not ok just call us or mail us and we will change your order.
  • We only like to have satisfied customers so don't hesistate and call us by misunderstanding.
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