Lumpia turon with purple yam 🍠

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Turon (tu-rún. The second syllable is slightly more accented. Doesn’t rhyme with ‘run’ or ‘rune’ or ‘ron’ but is a weird combination of all three words, said quickly). It’s also known as Lumpyang saging (LOOM-pyang SAH-ging).

This is one of my favorite snacks. It’s usually served during merienda, which is akin to “teatime”. It’s not so common at parties, probably because if anyone’s going to wrap and deep fry something for a party, they’ll bring a savory lumpia.

Turon is a handy recipe if you like to entertain casual afternoon events. It’s also good for around the holidays, when people sometimes drop by with just a few hours’ notice. The ingredients can be kept on-hand for a long time, it comes together easily, and you can set aside an almost-finished product for a few hours before frying. In fact, my sister likes to let it sit for a bit to get the sugar moistened by banana slime.

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