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This word is from the Spanish naranja (meaning: orange).


The Tagalog word dalandan refers to a variety of citrus fruit native to the Philippines.

The scientific name of the fruit that Filipinos refer to as dalandan is Citrus aurantium. It had also been known by these scientific names in the past: Citrus vulgaris Risso, Citrus longispina Wester and Citrus sinensis Osbeck.

Dalandan has been called “sweet orange” or “sour orange” in English. In the Philippines, the flesh is orange while the skin is green and thin enough to be easily peeled off with the fingers.

Another Tagalog name for this fruit is kahel, from the Spanish cajel (naranja zajarí), a variety of orange. The Visayans refer to dalandan as tamisan or tamamisan or talamisan.

The fruit is peeled and eaten by Filipinos, usually with a bit of rock salt if it is sour.

Dalandan juice is a popular drink in the Philippines.  The soda company Royal Tru-Orange (owned by Coca-Cola) came out with a carbonated soft-drink called Royal Tru-Dalandan. The Filipino juice company Zesto also sells dalandan-flavored soda. Nutri-Asia has a “You’ve Dalandan It Again” juice drink as part of its product line.

The international candy company Mentos came out with a “Dalandan Fresh” flavor in the Philippines. The Filipino company Universal Robina has a variant of its Maxx mentholated hard candy available in “Dalandan Orange” flavor.

Dalanghita is a smaller verson of dalandan. The scientific name of dalanghita is Citrus nobilis.

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